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30 March 2011    Indian Culture · Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology   

Posted by Sabina VON KESSEL


During the five months that we’ve been here, we’ve seen 2 great exhibitions at school. The first one was right at the beginning for us, namely, the LENS exhibition (from the 29th of September to 1st October); and the second was the Grad 2010 exhibition (from the 21st to 24th of January).  Both were good ways to showcase students’ talents, skills and work. It was also a good way for the school to get known.

For the first exhibition, all of us were supposed to do something for the school. We girls helped students to cook, for the finale of the exhibition. Then they asked us to prepare French dishes. So, we made crêpes (a sort of pancakes). It was a good way to meet the students, as it was our first week in India. We also discovered Indian dishes; some were very spicy, and some very tasty!

When we cooked the first crêpes, all the students wanted to taste and they found it was very good and asked us for a hundred more for the day after! It took very long to cook every thing! I remember the school kitchen, everything was upside down, invasive of good smells mixed together! Passing through the school corridor, you couldn’t ignore the fact that people were cooking.

When the time of the exhibition came, everyone was very well dressed, the light was warm and the weather was very nice.We saw all the current projects and everything was well arranged. Students told us that the crêpes were much appreciated! At the same time, our boys were making a short movie about sharing around food. It was hard work and took a long time, but they did it very well! They projected the movie onto a school wall during all the exhibition night and a lot of people stopped to watch it.

The second exhibition was the Exhibition for Graduation 2010. This was a special event for us, because we knew that on this day, it would be our turn! For this event, we had to wear traditional Indian clothes; sari for girls and kurta for boys. This was a great test for us, because it was the first time! We didn’t feel at ease in this clothes, but when we arrived at the party we saw everybody dressed like us, and we became more comfortable. It was really amazing to see everybody dressed in sari and kurta! The exhibition happened at Freedom Park, an old jail! This place was very nice and calm. Students worked very hard to do this exhibition during a week, and the result was awesome! Each graduate student had his or her own space to show their project, and all the place around the building was well organized.

After that, we sat in the amphitheater and listened to the Srishti director Geetha Narayanan’s speech and saw all the students  graduating officially. Our French director, Christian Guellerin, was there for this event, and gave a speech in which he spoke about the Cumulus network. He was really comfortable, and made people laugh several times; the French touch!

After that, we had dinner. It was a buffet, and we could discuss with graduate students to understand their project and have a better idea of what we’re going to do. This was a very good experience and a great time of sharing moments and memories.



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